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Say goodbye to bleeding gums, cavities, sensitive teeth, build up, and stain and hello to fresh breath, healthy gums, a big high five when you visit the dentist and better overall health as well! This program is ideal for adults, children, AND caregivers.

I'm doing something I've never done before. Lowering the price of my course to


WHY?! Because as someone who has helped thousands of families and individuals, I know how many people need something like this. In a time when dental offices are a known place of high aerosols, and therefore high alert, every family needs to know how to be in control of their own oral health. 95% of the US population has either gum disease or cavities.

It's bad! And if you're someone that is trying to deal with healing a mouth you care for, you too should be nervous. I don't mean to scare you, but I also want to tell you like it is so you can see why I want to help.

Mamma, I feel ya

So, I'm changing the cost of my course to help you jump in without the fear of commitment and high ticket courses that have you thinking you won't be able to afford this during these challenging times.

Also, I see so many people in fear of spending money right now (rightfully so), so I want to help you, and so do our sponsors. Not only are we helping you save money, we are going to be doing amazing giveaways in the group over the next few months!

I can't wait to see you on the inside, keep reading to learn more about the program.

*Back by popular demand*

I've brought back the option for lifetime access to the program and group (vs just a monthly subscription option), because SO many people are requesting it!

The choice is yours! Monthly & Yearly membership OR Lifetime access. YOU decide!

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Why You're Going to LOVE
This Coaching Program

Introducing the Healing Your Mouth Naturally Coaching Program by Oral Health Coaching. A self-paced, on-demand online course all about how to heal your mouth and mouths you take care for from the inside out. Best of all, it includes a private Facebook support group where so many amazing things happen!

Learn how to control and heal cavities/gum disease and enjoy the process of having someone guide you through the steps!

I know that many of you are skeptical about what you might have heard from other blogs about fluoride and often the "special diets". FINALLY, you can stop running from solution to solution, guru to guru, one fake promise to the next and actually start seeing results. This course is everything BUT those things!

Instead of causing fear or confusion, my course is designed to encourage you with simple, actionable steps you and your family can take. In fact, I'll even teach you which special candies help to stop cavities and how to incorporate them into your life if that helps too ;)

The Heal Your Mouth Naturally Coaching Program is THE ONLY system that helps you break-free from the cycle of mouth disease and dental issues for your family where you get to work with a dental professional that has the time to help you understand why dental issues happen and how to heal them naturally.

When you invest in The Naturally Heal Your Mouth Coaching Program, you get access to other people who have healed their mouths, and professionals who believe you can heal your mouth too. Best of all, you get to feel supported in finding answers and natural solutions to your oral health concerns.

Now THAT is worth every single penny!

Don’t you think?

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Whats Included?

Your monthly membership includes:

  • Option to add a starter kit (details on "Thank You" page once you've enrolled).
  • Option to purchase 1:1 coaching (details on "Thank You" page once you've enrolled).
  • The private Facebook Support Group with weekly live Q&As.
  • Our extensive library of oral health resources.
  • Tips specifically for parents on how to heal and care for a child's mouth.
  • Entire course including materials, lectures, and video content including an entire section for caretakers and parents.
  • Access prizes and free samples during customer-exclusive giveaways, contests, and quizzes.
  • Access to exclusive BONUS features from my network of leading oral health experts.

Lifetime and Yearly membership includes a starter kit & one 1:1 live coaching session detailed below

Starter Kit:

    For an additional fee to the course, add this care package from me filled with multiple brushes, tools, and a plethora of sample products including (but not limited to) xylitol, rinses, pH-neutralizing products, disclosing products, mouth mirror and testing tools. Enough supplies for one student to get started.

    I've packaged together many of the products that I go over in our course, because some of them can be challenging for students to find.

    This seriously helps my students get started the right way! Value for starter kit alone is $60 (USA shipping only). If you are outside the USA, instead of a starter kit, you will receive an additional 1:1 coaching session to help you locate the best websites for products specific to your country

    1:1 Oral Health Coaching Sessions:

    For an additional fee to the course, one on one coaching sessions can be added. This is a great way to look at your specific needs and determine a course of action that will have you streamlining the info you use in the course. These sessions take place over Zoom, and are recorded so you can revisit the information.

    Coming Soon! Working with other professionals:

    In this course, a lot of what we do is talk about the many pieces of the puzzle that you need to look at. Soon we will have a library of work with other professionals that you can purchase to help you work through the issues you are trying to heal.

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What's Covered?

Course Curriculum

  All About Kids!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Mouth Breathing and Why You Don't Want To Overlook The Possibility
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Live video's
Available in days
days after you enroll


Meet Your Instructors

Carrie: Why do I care so much about Oral Health to create this course?

I remember clearly what it was like having dental issues. My childhood and early adult years were spent in the dental chair getting fillings and painful cleanings. By the time I was 14, I had already had my first root canal and crown.

Like most people, I was either shamed for what I was not doing at home (typically flossing), or told that I suffered with “soft teeth” inherited from my family….lucky me.

I entered the dental field as a profession. Working as a dental assistant and dental hygienist for years taught me one thing: we were busy treating disease, and not teaching people the techniques to actually prevent disease on their own.

Having a healthy mouth isn’t rocket science, but it is technique sensitive AND it often involves using more than one tool.

The good news is that you can learn how to use different tools throughout the week. This means less time cleaning your mouth, less dental work, and better overall health.

Here’s the truth. If you use the same dental tools the same way every day, you miss the same spots every day, which results in bacteria build up.

This bacteria build-up is what creates disease in your mouth….some people get cavities, some get gum disease…a few unlucky souls get both.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to suffer, and you do not need to have continued disease.

You just need to see, feel, and be able to practice new techniques, and you need to know which products are most effective and why.

That’s why I created this program.

Finally, there’s a program to teach people how to take care of their teeth and gums at home and break out of the cycle of disease, all without making you feel ashamed or not good enough.

I believe that you can do it.

And I’m here to help you thru the process.

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Your Instructor

Carrie Ibbetson, RDH
Carrie Ibbetson, RDH

Carrie is a dental hygienist, oral health coach and creator of Heal Your Mouth Naturally, an online course and support group that teaches & empowers you how to care for your mouth with life long results. Her daily “bite-size” pieces to understanding what it takes to achieve a healthy mouth make it easy to learn and implement at home.

Carrie owns and operates CarrieIbbetson.com, where she studies, reviews and recommends natural oral health care products that are effective and deliver great results. She helps families all over the world via Skype, and works locally in person as well as an oral health coach, a personal trainer for your mouth. She is happy to consult with anyone who may have questions. Come say hello on Facebook


Course Testimonials

“Had a great experience at the dentist today! They said that whatever I have been doing has worked & the decay on my kiddo’s top 4 front teeth is arrested! Thank you Carrie Brown Ibbetson for this group, the course & the support! Adding to this: my husband mentioned today that not only is it great that my son’s decay has been halted, but we aren’t doing any crazy supplements (like the different protocols we’ve tried in the past).” Emily B

"I've said it 20X before, but I'll say it again, thank you so much for your oral health coaching course, for the first time in my life, I have no new cavities. The dental office said whatever I was doing, keep it up because they never see results like this in their patients! I finally had a dental appointment I feel good about, your course has changed my life! Thank you! Alyssa S.

"I want to thank Carrie for helping us avoid sedation dentistry for my 2 y/o. Cavities have not progressed and have arrested (stopped) in some places. Lots more work to do but we are on the right path thanks to her." Paula R

"Carrie managed to get me all the tools I needed to prepare my son for what was going to happen while filling his molar cavities. AND IT WORKED! No sedation was needed! The dentist was honestly shocked that my 4 year old son was able to sit through all of the fillings with out moving. I credit it all to Carrie for teaching me how to take care of his teeth and prepare him for the procedures. Working with her has been so wonderful and life changing." Angie G

" Carrie your program keep me feeling hopeful and empowered instead of defeated and hopeless when it comes to improving my family's oral health in a practical, proactive fashion!" Betsy F

"In just a week my 10 year old’s teeth went from having a yellow film (no matter how much he brushed) to white teeth and they are the best they have looked in a long time; And my gums look pink and healthy instead of red and irritated. I am learning so much and feeling some hope finally!" Celeste H

"The dental hygienist was blown away by how clean my 5 year old sons teeth are. Also my 2 year old with a significant lip tie has no signs of decay. She told me that I was the most "on it" mom she had ever met so I would like to humbly thank Carrie for all the info and program she has created." Emmy K

Your program seriously is a miracle! In the last 3 months your program has saved my teeth! I can't remember going to a cleaning and not being told that I needed to come back for more fillings. **Happy dance**" Alyssa S

"When I stumbled upon Carrie's Oral Health Coaching program, I had a mouth in crisis:
Cavities galore, bad breath, and early periodontal disease. I knew I had to make a change, so I took a chance on the course. I noticed a difference in my mouth within 1-2 weeks of starting the course and understood why my previous products/techniques had not been working for me. At my next cleaning appointment several months later, my hygienist was stunned by the results: No new cavities and gums that had been restored back to healthy pocket depths. The real kicker came a few weeks later, though, when I had photos taken of my mouth at an orthodontist's office. I couldn't believe that those white, squeaky-clean teeth and firm, light pink gums belonged to me! Suffice it to say, this was the best money I spent last year. Thank you, Carrie, for helping me feel more in control of my fate and for putting me on the path towards living a healthier life!" Sierra J

"Carrie Ibbetson is one of the best health providers I’ve had the privilege to work with. Her willingness to share her extensive knowledge to better the oral health of others is amazing. Her compassion, understanding and desire to change lives is personally changing my outlook on my dental health. Carrie’s program is worth every cent. My only regret is that I didn’t find her years ago. If you’re struggling with finding the cause of your dental problems and realistic behavior changes to improve your health, Carrie is who you should connect with. She’s simply the best." Ruth W

"I'm consistently impressed with Carrie and her ability to access each patients need. She provides solutions that help to prevent tooth decay, change the oral environment, and create healthy smiles through prevention. Carrie has dedicated her life to empowering patients to select products that best serve their specific needs! I'm thankful to have been educated by her. Invest in her services today, they are worth every penny!" Amber A

"What can I say?! Just a little over 3 years ago I joined Carrie's course to help with my cavities issues before I was to get braces. Not only did I go down a road of the imaginable from finding out I had untreated sleep apnea to why I really had so many cavities and how it impacted my whole family. Carries course will make you open your mind a little more, make you so confident in that dental office so you can ask for what You want and why with the most in depth knowledge of oral care and whole body. Find out the true reasons why we suffer from decay, crooked teeth and even health issues. It's all connected. Carrie not only saved me thousands of euro for braces, helped me cut my 3 year cleanings a year, for last 3 years, but she gave me the gift of life and confidence after I had my son." Sarah H

"Dear Carrie, your online coaching group has helped me to improve the oral health of my family - all 10 of us - and given us new confidence. Your units give me a clear strategy in such a cheerful, judgment free way that I felt liberated from ‘mother guilt’ immediately. I am often overwhelmed in my life situation so having; you help identify problems (cavities, mouth breathing, crowded teeth), 24 hr access to coaching videos, prioritise changes and treatments and, knowing I can check in with you is fabulous. Membership in your group has been the best investment I’ve made in our health. Anita B

"I couldn't be more grateful to have found Carrie to help us in this stressful journey of handling my son's tooth decay. It began when a few dentists told me he needed to be put to sleep to have root canals on his front four teeth! I was devastated! Thanks to facebook , I discovered Carrie. She taught me about what was going on inside my son's mouth. She immediately made herself available to me and got me the products I needed. Toothpaste, brushes, mouthwashes, xylitol , iodine, MI paste. I was overwhelmed and she knew it. She also knew how bad my son's decay was. She made me feel like I was her top priority and made so much time to help me. She showed me how to use all the new supplies and techniques but mostly helped me feel empowered instead of helpless in handling my son's teeth!" Angie G

"A few years ago, Carrie reached out to me. One healthcare provider to another, to challenge me in a very ‘Care-fronting sort of way’, that while I held a very important piece of the puzzle...so did she. And how, if we put our pieces together, patients could be empowered to see the bigger picture and make informed decisions about their family’s health. She demonstrates that the most important healthcare is the kind that occurs in the home, not in the dental chair or on the gurney! She leads by example in ‘meeting folks where they’re at’ instead of forcing our agenda onto them. She is the ultimate healthcare provider while at the same time a passionate patient advocate. The field of medicine needs more caregivers like Carrie Ibbetson! Thanks Carrie, for all you do!" Julia W

"The Oral Health Coaching course completely changed my life. I had no clue about oral health before and my teeth sere suffering from it! Carrie's course empowered me with information on HOW to care for my teeth and also how to find the right providers. My oral health is perfect now and, best of all, my kids have great oral health and I'm being proactive in addressing issues early on (like my 5yr old's high palate, overbite and restricted airway.) This course is by far the best money I have EVER SPENT!" Kim M

"If it weren’t for Carrie I would have never figured out what was really going on with my 4 year olds teeth and why he was having so many cavities! She helped us find a dentist and a myofunctional therapist to fix the issues and prevent my 2 year old from having issues too. Purchasing her course was some of the best money i ever spent. Thank you Carrie!!" Morgan J

"Carrie has helped our family control our oral PH and learned what questions to ask our various providers. It has been a game-changer for our family. In my family of 7 we had 4 with "normal" oral health issues and two with extreme issues including several cavities in baby teeth. We have since found the root cause for each and the proper providers to change our lives for the better. In Fact, I ended up with braces and an appliance to fix my own apnea issues and broken teeth issues. Who would have thought at 36 I would be the first in braces in my home?! We also utilize myofunctional therapy which is something I had never heard of prior to Carrie's program." Shannon C

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It starts when you are ready and finishes when you cancel your membership. You will have personal unlimited use of the program while your membership is active. Each membership covers your immediate family members (partner/spouse/children)
How long do I have access to the course?
While you are a member you will have unlimited access to the course content as well as the Facebook page where we have weekly live calls that get recorded so that you can view at any time.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Why hasn't my dentist/hygienist taught me this?
There are a few reasons that you may not be getting this information from your dentist or hygienist. Learning to take care of your mouth is somewhat confusing and time consuming. There are lots of little things to learn, and often there just isn’t time for this at your cleaning appointment….and the insurance companies do not pay for time spent on teaching and learning home care. There is a code for it, they just don’t pay for it. Most people learn visually, not by being told what they “should do” or “shouldn’t do”; instead, they need to see it, practice it and see it again. If you were to to your dental office for a home care instruction appointment, there would be a charge for cleaning the room and the time that it took someone to spend with you, which very few offices have been able to incorporate into the office philosophy
Will this course teach me how to "reverse cavities"?
That is a great question! So much of healing comes from controlling the biofilm acidity on the teeth and pH of the mouth. Balancing the good and bad bacteria in your mouth and controlling the acid spikes will help you determine what can heal in your mouth, and what may require intervention. This course is designed to help you get a better understanding of the things you can do at home to help stop the infection you are dealing with, and how to get better results with the efforts you put in. Many hygienists and dentists refer their patients to this course because they too know the systems you have in place at home are what help to create health over disease and make your dental visits easier and more predictable! The side effect many people report of using this program is the reversal of cavity issues...if that happens to you, we celebrate! Our testimonials page has some pretty remarkable stories - check them out :)
I'm on a budget, do I need a lot of expensive products and tools?
This course can be tweaked to fit most budgets, and we will discuss that at the beginning of the course. Although most products aren't expensive we talk about what products to get first and how to build upon that. For as little as 10$ you could start with brushes, and build as you go. Although it may take you longer, you can still get there!
Will I still need to see a dentist?
There are many life changing things that dental providers can help with - sometimes the challenge comes from not knowing what type of dentists are available, and what type would work best for you. Sometimes it's philosophy of practice, sometimes is materials used or avoided, sometimes it looking at other signs like airway or function. Not all dentists and hygienists are created equally...we help you explore and understand what is available so that you can pick the best provider for your needs when the time is right. I truly believe people should have a dental home they love, trust and feel supported in. If you feel that way too, you're in the right place to explore that!
Who is covered under my "membership" when I sign up?
By joining this course you and your immediate family have access to the entire program, challenges, and support. Your immediate family consists of yourself, a partner and your children :)
I'm not in the USA, can I still use the program
Yes! We have many clients globally and links to products avail in specific countries :) Unfortunately, we cannot ship the starter kit to other countries, but we help with links to products available to you!

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