I help people and families suffering from cavities or gum disease get the support they need through an online program & community with easy-to-implement strategies so they can heal their mouths and be proud of their smiles.

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Carrie Ibbetson RDH

I’m excited to invite you to join The Oral Health Coaching Membership -
where we help create Happy Moms & Cavity Free Kids!

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Why Healing Your Oral Health Problems Matters

Simple strategies and home care techniques can put you in charge of your and your family's dental health and healing.

Parents who hope to avoid aggressive dental work for their children may benefit from home care strategies for healing while seeking out minimally invasive dental providers.

Discover the potential of home care to improve your oral health and tackle dental issues without breaking the bank or resorting to invasive treatments!

Your oral health affects more than just your teeth and gums

A person's oral health is closely linked to their overall health. Poor oral health has been linked to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and even erectile dysfunction!

Previously thought of as a normal part of childhood, cavities may signal more significant systemic issues and be linked to mouth breathing and pH imbalances. However, detecting and treating cavities can be challenging for many families, especially if they are not asking the right questions to the right providers.

Why visiting the dentist isn't enough

While dental treatments can be very beneficial, they alone cannot fully control biofilm and pH levels in the mouth, which are critical to healing and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Fortunately, many home care techniques and strategies offer effective ways to control biofilm and pH, preventing the recurrence of oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. Even after receiving dental treatment, continued focus on home care can help you avoid future problems and maintain a healthy mouth for years to come. Achieving optimal oral health is often within your reach, and it begins with consistent at-home care.

The silent epidemic of oral health problems is escalating, despite industry promises of better products.

So whats the solution?

We are in the midst of what I call: "The Oral Health Revolution"

Achieving a healthy mouth at home is not only essential for healing and preventing dental problems, but also for maximizing the benefits of dental treatments.

By incorporating effective home care practices, you can make dentistry more predictable and reduce post-operative discomfort.

Our oral health coaching empowers you to create a dental environment within your home that supports your oral health goals.

You can choose the products and tools that align with your beliefs and learn how to use them effectively, promoting healing and preventing future oral health issues. With our guidance, you can take control of your oral health and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth for years to come.

So, why is now the perfect time for Oral Health Coaching

Are you confident in your ability to choose the right oral healthcare products for your needs? We recognize the connection between oral health and overall wellness in children and adults and can guide you toward the right products, tools and a dental provider that aligns with your goals.

Carrie Ibbetson RDH

Hi there! I'm Carrie

Since 2002 I've been working as a Dental Hygienist, but my passion for coaching dental patients started in 1994 when I became a dental assistant.

As a dental professional, I noticed a lack of education on preventing and healing oral disease at home.
Over time, I gained valuable insights into the differences between those with great oral health and those who struggle with issues like cavities and bleeding gums.
As the founder of The Oral Health Coaching Course and Membership, I'm dedicated to helping people take control of their oral health and learn how to test and choose the right dental provider.
With years of experience and a track record of success, I've already helped thousands of people and I'm committed to helping you too.

My years of working in mouths produced an important discovery

The Brusher and "Sometimes" Flosser

brushing and flossing

This was the vast majority of people. Despite regular brushing, many still experienced dental issues like cavities and gum disease, even if they flossed every day or felt shamed into lying about it. Some would try natural products while others opt for fluoride-containing products.

The Biofilm Managers and pH Controllers

ph control and biofilm

A smaller group of patients I worked with were determined to take control of their oral health by focusing on home care. With regular coaching, they learned better brushing techniques using specific brushes, tools, and products and tested their progress at home. These individuals felt empowered and were focused on finding solutions, resulting in improved oral health and happiness both in the dental chair at home.

Needless to say, I paid attention to my patients and learned first hand the EXACT strategies they were using to get results.


I tested my discoveries AND IT WORKED!

After years of working in dental offices as a dental assistant and a dental hygienist, I knew I couldn't help many people with limited time and in a one-to-one setting.

I wanted to take everything I had learned and apply it to the online community.

And It Worked!

People reached out to me to share the success they experienced in their oral health, with dental hygienists noting significant improvements and encouraging them to continue their routine. Many reported no longer experiencing cavities or other issues, affirming the effectiveness of the coaching and techniques learned online. Even the people needing dental work experienced a more positive experience with dental provides. We've helped tens of thousands of people online get a more predictable and streamlined outcome when it comes to oral health

Word spread, and pretty soon I was getting WAY more requests for coaching and consulting than I could handle. I became the go-to gal for people who wanted to improve or solve their oral health issues.

My free oral health coaching facebook group grew to thousands and continues to grow daily for people seeking help

So I started sharing MY FINDINGS ...
And what I shared WORKED!

The results proved this could be done at home without a dental professional actually touching them.

And the results speak for themselves

Facebook testimonial
Facebook testimonial

And there are many more!

Read Even More Testimonials

The point is, with the right information, system, motivation, and community, The Oral Health Coaching Membership can be adapted to work for you and your entire family!

And now, I'd like to share
The Oral Health Coaching Membership

with you

The challenge with workshops is that I can only serve a small group. I knew more people could benefit from what I was teaching. That's why I developed The Oral Health Coaching Membership™ and if you join us, I'd love to help you, too.

  • If You are struggling with continued cavities and bleeding gums.
  • Your family is experiencing deteriorating oral health.
  • OR you just want a better understanding of how to take care of your oral health so that you can have a better conversation or make more informed decisions with your dental professional.

The Oral Health Coaching Membership Can Help!

As caregivers, we have a tremendous opportunity to make a lasting impact on our families' health, and that's why I'm passionate about this work. It's why I created The Oral Health Coaching Membership.

Oral Health Coaching Testimonial
Oral Health Coaching Testimonial
Oral Health Coaching Testimonial
Oral Health Coaching Testimonial

So what is
The Oral Health Coaching Membership?

The Oral Health Coaching Membership is access to my entire oral health coaching course AND community!
For a low monthly fee, you get access to it all!

Along with all of the course material, members have access to a Facebook community, live support
similar to office hours, and weekly FAQs. These weekly FAQs are recorded and searchable in an index
which is beneficial to those who cannot attend the sessions or need a recap later on. Live support in the
Facebook community is similar to FAQ sessions but gives people more individual support with one-on-
one discussions to ask questions, clarify information, or simply chat about oral health.

The Oral Health Coaching Journey

Oral Health Coaching Pathway

Here's What You Get With
The Oral Health Coaching Membership

Access to My Entire Oral Health Coaching Course Which Includes

Oral Health Coaching Curriculum
Oral Health Coach Foundations


  • How to look at your current routine, your thoughts and feelings about what is your current reality, and what you hope to improve
  • Why taking photos along your journey is important and diary inputs are important here. so you know what to look back on and see how far you have come.
  • This is where the journey begins. take a snapshot of where you are and why you are on this journey.

Oral Health Coaching Tools and Techniques


  • Why you need to throw away the free toothbrush your dentist gave you. let me show you the tools you need to make the biggest impact.
  • The brushing techniques that will have the biggest impact on your oral health and how to clean in between the teeth for healing problems
  • The brushing techniques that will have the biggest impact on your oral health and how to clean in between the teeth for healing problems

Understanding pH Control and Biofilm


  • Understanding pH and biofilm is the foundation for changing your oral health process for the rest of your life.
  • The importance of testing and disinfecting the mouth, including disinfecting teeth and tools. We'll also explore available options for testing bacteria and pH levels.
  • How to effectively test your oral health at home to measure progress and determine whether your current efforts are working, or if adjustments need to be made for further improvement.

Oral Health Coaching Sleep


  • The power of nose breathing, and how important it is to better oral health
  • What's a good night's sleep and how that affects good oral health.
  • How so much of your overall health starts in the mouth.

And With The Membership you get Exclusive Access to the Following

Dental Dream Team

Bonus #1

Build Your Dental Dream Team

This bonus demonstrates how selecting the right dental providers is essential for your overall success, and asking the right questions can assist you in making well-informed decisions.

Bonus #2

Putting Information Into Action

This bonus will provide you with guidance on how to apply the ABC's and 123 steps for quick action, allowing you to maximize your results.

Working with kids oral health

Bonus #3

Working With Kids

This bonus provides insights on how incorporating a homecare routine can reduce a child's sensitivity to dental office experiences, enabling better cooperation in the dental chair and potentially avoiding the need for general sedation dental work for many families.

Family Oral Health

Bonus #4

Routines With Kids and Multiple Family Members

This bonus offers guidance on managing dental routines for kids and multiple family members, ensuring effective cleaning while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination of bacteria among loved ones.

You do have options, but only one makes sense

If you think about all the other ways that you can learn about oral health, from asking your dental hygienist and trying to get answers from dentists (at a cost of thousands of dollars) to consulting (often at tens of thousands a day) to the school of hard-knocks and trying to figure everything out on your own (which mean cavities, bad oral health and struggling along)

I mean, you can do these things if you wanted to, but I am pretty sure that none of them come with a money-back guarantee.

But The Oral Health Coaching Membership does

You know, I understand that you may have been burned by flashy promises before, but I want you to know this. . . that is not who I am.

I pride myself on my reputation and it's the reason I have been online since 2011. lt's the reason I have a steady stream of new members, and it's the reason that, with very little promotion, my workshops continue to fill up.

It's also the reason I can afford to offer this course and membership at such a low price! I know how many people can't afford high-priced courses and memberships, and I didn't want the price to not be afforded by the masses.

Millions of people need this information, so millions of people need to be able to afford it.

I stand firmly behind everything that I offer in my business. And the same goes for your investment in this course.

So Let’s Recap . . .

Here’s What You Get With The Oral Health Coaching Membership™

The Entire Oral Health Coaching Course 10+ Modules

Gain access to The Oral Health Coaching Course and over 10 core modules that provide a step-by-step blueprint to turn your oral health struggles around, even if you're starting from scratch. However, please note that canceling your membership will also end your access to the course and community. In case you cancel your access to the community, you have the option to purchase the course for lifetime access.

Exclusive Support Group & Community

Our Facebook group is the best darn community around! Join hundreds and hundreds of people (just like you) who are making HUGE steps in their Oral Health journey. Regardless of where you are in your Journey, you'11 find amazing people to connect, learn, and grow with.

Live Q&A Sessions

Get your questions answered on our weekly live calls by submitting them beforehand. If you can't make the live session, don't worry! All of our lives are recorded and available in the membership vault. Plus, all of our content is searchable, making it easy for you to find the answers you need.

Our Entire Vault of Content - Curated to Use & Learn

Our membership offers access to hundreds of hours of valuable content, all designed to help you improve your oral health and overall wellness. Our team has worked hard to curate a variety of guest speakers and experts who share their knowledge on various aspects of oral health, and we make it easy for members to access and learn from this content. With our membership, you'll have a wealth of information at your fingertips to help you achieve optimal oral health.

Exclusive Expert Interviews with Live Q&A

Accessing the most current information on oral health and healing can be a challenge, and you may have questions that you want to ask an expert. That's why we offer monthly interviews with guest experts who can shed light on different aspects of oral health and wellness. These interviews are stored in our information vault, making it easy for you to access and learn from them at any time. It's a great way to gain clarity and stay informed about the latest research and insights in oral health.

Exclusive Discounts

Everyone likes a good discount, right?! Each month you will have access to exclusive discounts from some of our favorite brands that support us (and you) on this mission to oral health. Enjoy these exclusive discounts month after month to help keep your toolbox filled with the stuff that works!

Easy to Access Information

Our state-of-the-art technology allows for easy access and navigation of our information, making it simple for you to take action toward improving your oral health. Within The Course, we have instructional videos that show you how to use the platform effectively, and we also demonstrate its use during live sessions to help you become comfortable with it.

Multiple Handouts & Cheat Sheets

We strive to make it easier for you to take action for yourself and your family's oral health. That's why we offer downloadable and printable lessons covering various topics, from effective oral care techniques to understanding foods in the mouth and documenting your jourey. These resources help you implement what you learn from our coaching and maintain good oral health habits.

Onboarding & Kickstarting Sessions

We understand that accountability and support are crucial for achieving your oral health goals. That's why we offer onboarding sessions for new members every time the doors open and close to The Membership. Existing members are also welcome to join in on these sessions, providing a great opportunity for accountability and extra help. You can participate in any onboarding or kickstarting session during your membership to help you stay motivated and achieve your oral health goals.

Office Hours So That You Can Pop In & Ask Questions

Our weekly office hours provide a convenient way for you to quickly get guidance or ask any questions that come up. We understand that sometimes you need immediate clarity or support, and we're here to help during these designated times.

Easy to Switch Between The Course & The Membership "HUB"

Accessing The Course and The Membership HUB has never been easier! We provide you with a personalized dashboard that makes it effortless to switch between the resources you have access to. No need to worry about getting lost - everything is organized in one place for your convenience.

Multiple Learning Styles Available

We understand that everyone has different learning preferences, which is why we offer various options to suit your needs. Our platform provides audio files, downloadable transcriptions, closed captions, and a search feature to help you navigate and access the information you need. Plus, you have the option to adjust the video speed to your liking, making it easier for you to learn at your own pace.

I Will Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

The Oral Health Coaching Membership™ is a program that will help you to create far more leverage in your business and in your life. So if you want to transform your knowledge and influence into healing mouths and finding dental providers you align with then I invite you to say "yes". Yes to more leverage. Yes to more predictable results. Yes to a greater impact for your mouth or a mouth you care for.