Here's a Bright Idea...

What if you could stop cavities, bleeding gums,
and a myriad of other dental problems
for you and the ones you love?


Finally, a program to teach people
how to take care of their teeth and gums at home
and break out of the cycle of disease,

All without making you feel ashamed or not good enough.

Learn How to Really Clean Your Teeth and Gums in the Comfort of Your Own Home…

& Discover What the Dental Office Doesn’t Have Time to Teach You.

Imagine a system that teaches you how to tell if your mouth is healthy. A system that tells you, what steps to take to get it healthy and keep it that way. A system that teaches you how to understand what is going on in your mouth, and what questions to ask when you visit the dentist.

Get past the myths that are keeping you from a healthy mouth

I remember clearly what it was like having dental issues.  My childhood and early adult years were spent in the dental chair getting fillings and painful cleanings.  By the time I was 14, I had already had my first root canal and crown.

Like most people, I was either shamed for what I was not doing at home (typically flossing), or told that I suffered with “soft teeth” inherited from my family….lucky me.

I entered the dental field as a profession. Working as a dental assistant and dental hygienist for years taught me one thing: we were busy treating disease, and not teaching people the techniques to actually prevent disease on their own.

Having a healthy mouth isn’t rocket science, but it is technique sensitive AND it often involves using more than one tool. 

The good news is that you can learn how to use different tools throughout the week. This means less time cleaning your mouth, less dental work, and better overall health.

Here’s the truth. If you use the same dental tools the same way every day, you miss the same spots every day, which results in bacteria build up.

This bacteria build-up is what creates disease in your mouth….some people get cavities, some get gum disease…a few unlucky souls get both.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to suffer, and you do not need to have continued disease.

You just need to see, feel, and be able to practice new techniques, and you need to know which products are most effective and why.

That’s why I created 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth.

Say goodbye to bleeding gums, cavities, sensitive teeth, build up, and stain and hello to fresh breath, healthy gums, a big high five when you visit the dentist and better overall health as well.

Finally, there’s a program to teach people how to take care of their teeth and gums at home and break out of the cycle of disease, all without making you feel ashamed or not good enough.

I believe that you can do it.

And I’m here to help you thru the process.

What Is 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth?

and why you need it.

21 Days to a Healthy Mouth is an online training program and community

21 Days to a Healthy Mouth teaches you what it takes to have a healthy mouth, and stop the cycle of disease when it comes you your teeth and gums.

You will learn how to take the steps that you already do at home and tweak them in a way that makes them the most effective.

It helps you understand what every good dental professional WANTS to teach you, but doesn’t have the time. These techniques take time to learn, and that time just isn’t available in most dental offices.

The program takes you into my mouth where I show you the tools that you can use, and how to angle them to reach the areas often missed. The videos show you step-by-step the easy changes that you can make in your routine for the best results.

What am I talking about?

  • Tips such as how to hold your toothbrush so that you can clean instead of scrub.
  • How to floss so that you don’t damage the gums (or use other tools that are just as effective yet less frustrating).
  • How to best clean the areas that build up plaque and develop stains and more.
  • These are the things I have been teaching my own patients for 20 yrs and now you have the chance to learn them too!
  • You will also learn what questions to ask your dental professional to determine if you really need the work they are recommending, or if they are just trying to sell you on something!

Above all, this program offers you freedom!

Freedom from feeling fearful, or feeling like you are being taken advantage when you visit the dental office.

What else?

  • Bonus materials that help you understand how to use specific tools and products.
  • Videos on electric toothbrushes, irrigators,
  • step-by-step video instructions found nowhere else.
  • You will hear from experts in dentistry who are forging ahead to advance oral healthcare
  • and you will learn how the health of your mouth effects the rest of your body.

These videos and tutorials are here for you for a lifetime.  You will have access to the program whenever you want.  We’re here for you on your terms, when the time is right for you.  Like anything, new routines take practice and the only way to improve your situation is to change your routine.

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21 Days to a Healthy Mouth

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Here’s What You Get

Week 1 – Back to Basics

This week we will dive right into a style of brushing that allows you to get oxygen to the tissues (you will find out why this is so important in the program).  This simple tweak will be one of easiest and most effective changes you will make, and starting off gets you great results fast!

We also go through how to soothe sore gums while they are healing, how to tell if your mouth is really clean or not, and ways to tackle bad breath.  The bulk of this week is video instruction because it helps when you can see up close what you need to do, and how to adapt your tools.

I know how frustrating it feels to know that you are brushing, yet you are still experiencing problems….often times the way that we brush tends to be repetitive and often you are on auto pilot.  Or, if you are a busy mom, you are multitasking while you are brushing, and you feel lucky enough to get a quick brushing in.

Week 2 – Tricks and Tips that Pack a Punch

As a dental hygienist we spend hours looking in mouths and finding little tricks that make life easier and the results that you get more effective.  This week you will get video’s on how to floss, flossing alternatives, and how to brush your tongue so that you don’t damage these areas.

What many people don’t realize is that correct flossing is technique sensitive.

When you floss or tongue brush incorrectly, it actually damages these areas and makes your issues worse.  These up close video’s allow you to learn how to be effective without overdoing it and damaging your gums and tongue.

You will also learn things like how to keep your toothbrush clean (especially if you share a bathroom, or if you keep your toothbrush within 10 feet of your toilet!)  How to stop chapped lips and the truth behind having your teeth cleaned every 6 months (yes there is a secret about it, and it has nothing to do with science!).

Week 3 – Product Selection and How to Care For Your Mouth for a Lifetime

Now that you are into your new routine and loving the feel and taste of your mouth (yes you actually taste more when your mouth is clean) we will start to talk about how to your keep teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

This week we will talk about the benefits of irrigation and how to be effective with it. How to treat sensitive teeth with products that work and not just mask the issue and we will look at ingredients in oral health products so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

You will learn how to treat dry mouth and what causes it. We will discuss xylitol and how it helps to stop cavities and plaque from forming. We will discuss what “therapeutic xylitol usage” is, and how this wonderful all natural sweetener is a wonderful alternative to artificial sweeteners. We will wrap up the course with a summary of what you have learned and how to implement it all.

21 Days to a Healthy Mouth

  • Instant Online Access
  • 21 Daily Emails
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
Oral Health Coaching

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