She has saved us hundreds if not thousands
of dollars in dental work.

"It is so worth being part of the Oral Health Coaching group and being able to have Carrie direct you on what is needed to stop decay and improve your oral health. She has saved us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in dental work. When strict diet didn't improve our cavities Carrie's protocol and products worked wonders to heal our cavities!"

Joy M

Carrie Can Help You

"So excited to be working with Carrie learning to keep my teeth and my children's teeth healthy. I knew there was more to the story then just brushing, flossing, supplements, dentistry, and eating healthy. There's so much to learn but I am taking it one step at a time with her program. If you wonder, like I did, about there being more to the story, Carrie can help you."

Elizabeth K

Helping Us Avoid Sedation Dentistry

"I want to thank Carrie Brown Ibbetson for helping us avoid sedation dentistry for my 2 y/o. Cavities have not progressed and have arrested (stopped) in some places. Lots more work to do but we are on the right path thanks to her."

Paula R

If you're on the fence about using Carrie for help,
just know, she knows her stuff

"Just this past Friday, my daughter had her 3-month post checkup after, to see if the decay had progressed and whether or not we needed intervention. I was on pins and needles leading up to this appointment, not wanting to hear any bad news and finding out all my efforts were hopeless.

I am excited to celebrate there is no active decay any longer, the dentist said she had no plaque, her teeth were incredibly clean (no we didn't brush before going) and for us to keep doing what we were doing! I honestly owe my knowledge of knowing exactly what to do to Carrie. She truly helped this stressed out momma navigate the how to's at a time when I felt so overwhelmed with everything I was reading.

I feel educated, I feel empowered while talking about teeth. And most of all, the knowledge is contagious, I want to tell everyone I know about how we healed may three-year-old, and what I have learned!

If you're on the fence about using Carrie for help, just know, she knows her stuff, she's been doing this for a long time, and she can give you help you find your peace in healing tooth decay. It is much better than buying random things, hoping they will work. Good luck to everyone on their journey, ours is not over, but I feel much better having support on it!"

Kristen A
March 2016

My two kiddos had their 4th checkup today since joining Carrie's team. They are still passing with flying colors! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 the dentist is still fully onboard for us to continue the current protocol. I'm so proud of my kids. And so thankful for everything I've learned from Carrie❤️❤️❤️#knowledgeispower

Kristen A
May 2017

Seriously! Carrie's program rocks

"Seriously! Carrie's program rocks! I did it for my daughters (13 months and 3 years old at the start) and naturally it quickly progressed to the whole family. We've learned so much and the girls look forward to some of what we do as where the rest is all now habit and no fights! They are now 2.5 and 4.5 and I'm proud to say that since starting the program and continuing to have 3-6-month dental checkups, we've been able to halt the early decay for a full 18 months now.

I'm glad to be able to instill legit techniques and habits to my babies that they will hopefully carry on through their adulthood!

Best money spent HANDS DOWN! Plus, having our money go to someone who is a passionate as Carrie is the cherry on top. She's driven and dedicated to each of her client’s success. Couldn't ask for better 💜"

Katherine R

I want to thank you for leading me in this direction

"Carrie, I want to thank you for your help and advice.

I took my daughter to a new dentist who specializes in frenectomies and she said that while she had a tie, the bigger concern was that my daughter has a "tongue thrust swallow." This has caused her to have an open bite and now her lower jaw is bigger than her upper jaw because they're growing at different rates. My daughter was recommended for myofunctional therapy and the dentist wanted the therapist to make the call on the frenectomy. We met the therapist on Monday and she wants the frenectomy done. The therapy won't help because the tongue is too restricted. We've gotten a lot of good information and the procedure is scheduled in a few weeks. And so, I want to thank you for leading me in this direction. For picking up what her dentist, his hygienists, and her pediatricians all missed. Now she will be able to sleep better and enjoy easier/better oral health. Therapy will begin immediately."

Jennifer T

"I was having issues with my cleaning technique and thought it was the brush (Tepe supreme) after watching carrie’s video again and adjusting my technique I have to say it makes a big difference! I was definitely holding the brush wrong and applying too much pressure rather than better brush technique."


The dentist told me my cleaning was impeccable

"I just wanted to say Thank you to Carrie for helping me with my dental care! I have had good improvements with my gums and the dentist told me my cleaning was impeccable!!!! There is still gum work to be done but hopefully not as intense as initially needed - Thanks Carrie x"

Kathy W

My hygienist basically checked everything twice
because she was so amazed by the progress.

"I had my six-month cleaning appt this morning. At the last one six months ago, my gums were puffy, and bleeding and I had several cavities (that my dentist and I worked all summer to treat). I was also diagnosed with mild perio because I had mostly 1-3 gum pocket depths but did have a few 4s and two 5s on the same tooth.

Today's appointment? No new cavities, no bleeding whatsoever, gum pockets have ALL returned depths of 1-3, and my hygienist said my gums looked "reborn". She basically checked everything twice because she was so amazed by the progress.

Suffice it to say, I'm ecstatic. Going through your program, Carrie, and switching/incorporating effective products and techniques into my new dental "ritual" (as my husband calls it) was undoubtedly the best money and time I've spent this year! :) Thank you, thank you, for lending all your time, effort, and expertise to all of us!"

Sierra J

Thank you, Carrie, for a fantastic oral health coaching course

"Today I went for my first cleaning in 9 months. The DH did a checkup and then said to me my teeth were so clean, whatever I was doing was working and he did not think my teeth needed a “cleaning”. No tartar visible and gums looked okay. He said there is a bit of redness but it’s prob due to my bite.

Thank you, Carrie, for a fantastic oral health coaching course!!! I am delighted!"

Sarah H

"I've had my first check up in more than five years and the dentist was impressed! Healthy gums, clean strong teeth. After all the drama with my toddler daughter and her decay (and her treatment resistant father), I'm very happy to have some good news at least. And with Carrie's program I'll hopefully keep them healthy till I get old 💕"

Patty S

The dental hygienist was blown away by how clean my 5-year-old sons teeth are and there isn't a spot of decay

"I just want to share what a positive experience I had at my children's dentist appointment today. The dental hygienist was blown away by how clean my 5-year-old sons teeth are and there isn't a spot of decay. Also, my 2-year-old with a significant lip tie has no signs of decay. So, yay for prevention. When she asked me what I was doing, and I told her our routine and the tools we are using she was totally interested and had never heard of the gum chucks which she was interested in looking into! She told me that I was the most "on it" mom she had ever met ☺️ so I would like to humbly thank Carrie for all the info and knowledge she has shared. I'm so grateful to be getting my children on the right path and into the right habits right from the start!"

Alyssa S

"PROGRESS!! 😁 I set out on the journey under Carrie’s guidance in January, and only 7 weeks later am seeing major improvement. When I started out in January, my tooth had a big pit which I was worried about, so I joined the program and invested in the right products and the right techniques. The pit is now mostly filled in, is smaller in width across the tooth, and is lightening up as well. Neither picture has been edited aside from cropping to make it easier to see. I can't wait to see even more improvement soon!

I'm thrilled at the results we've gotten

Just wanted to share that my 9-year-old son 9 had his tongue tie released about 2 weeks ago and his mouth breathing is significantly better, especially at night!! I'm sure the next step is myofunctional therapy, but I'm thrilled at the results we've gotten from just the tongue tie release. I am so excited. Carrie - thanks for pointing out the mouth breathing issue!"

Michelle L

I feel blessed, so I want to tell others that
may be feeling hopeless like I was

"I am very excited to have learned so much already from the oral health coaching website with Carrie!

In just some week my 10-year old’s teeth went from having a yellow film (no matter how much he brushed) to white teeth and they are the best they have looked in a long time; And my gums look pink and healthy instead of red and irritated. I am learning so much and feeling some hope finally! I look forward to seeing what this program does for my 5-year-old. I feel blessed, so I want to tell others that may be feeling hopeless like I was before I got on this page and found Carrie."

Celeste H

Thanks a million for helping our family

"This is the power of information. Diet alone wasn’t improving my sons teeth- we cut out all grains/gluten/sugar and still his teeth were deteriorating. We needed solutions over sedation. I am pleased to say that by Carrie providing comprehensive information about balancing pH. we were able to see all the difference for my little boy! We’ve been focusing on alkalizing the mouth and balancing his ph. Xylitol gum and alkalizing solution has become a part of our healing journey and we are so grateful to report they are working! I am so happy to say my hard work is finally paying off. Thanks a million for helping our family!!! If you’re struggling like I was to see results I want to encourage and say don’t give up, there are healthy solutions out there and coming here is a great first step!"

Leanna C