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Learn about the best pH control products that all of my clients are raving about! From toothbrushes to candy, this guide can get you and your loved ones on the right track to oral health!

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My favorite and recommended products after 20+ years in the dental industry.  

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I've tried 100s of products and only recommend those that are affordable and WORK!

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An invitation to join my Facebook Group for healing teeth decay naturally.

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Exclusive invitation to Carrie’s Club my personalized oral health program & community where we help create happy moms and cavity-free kids’.

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About Carrie Ibbetson, RDH.

My name is Carrie and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Coach with over 25 years’ experience in the dental industry. Working as a dental assistant and dental hygienist taught me one thing: dental offices are busy treating disease, and not teaching people the techniques to actually prevent disease on their own. So, I set out to change that.

As part of my journey, I've helped thousands of families and individuals reach their peak oral health, and help them see the bigger picture about WHY it’s happening (so that you can be less ashamed about the breakdown you’re struggling with.

 A healthy mouth really isn’t rocket science, sometimes it just takes a middle person to explain what to do, and help you navigate challenges & questions along the way.  Think of me as a personal trainer, but for your mouth.

I believe that you can do it.

And I’m here to help you thru the process


Hear From Our Clients

"I want to thank Carrie for helping us avoid sedation dentistry for my child. Cavities have not progressed and have arrested (stopped) in some places. Lots more work to do but we are on the right path thanks to her."

Paula R.

"My child's teeth went from having a yellow film (no matter how much he brushed) to white teeth and they are the best they have looked in a long time. I am learning so much and feeling some hope finally!" 

Celeste H.

"The dental hygienist was blown away by how clean my 5 year old sons teeth are. Also my 2 year old with a significant lip tie has no signs of decay... I would like to humbly thank Carrie for all the info and program she has created." 

Emmy K

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