Carrie's Club Starter Kit

This kit helps take the guesswork out of choosing products and helps you focus on kicking healing into high gear from the get-go!

What's Included in The Starter Kit?

Toothbrushes & Tools

You'll be amazed to learn how using different brushes throughout the week helps you save time AND get better results! Multiple types of TePe brushes and tools included.

pH, Biofilm & Xylitol

When you control pH and bacteria in the mouth, the healing process begins! You'll get many different products that stimulate saliva and help to neutralize acids naturally.

Disclosing Products

Disclosing products stain the bacteria in the mouth so that it can be removed effectively & easily.  You'll get some of the best products in your kit, enough for multiple uses. 

Tools To Help See In The Mouth

The challenge in healing mouths (especially if it's a child) is being able to see and reach the the nooks and crannies and into the gums. Not to worry, mouth mirrors, & Mouth Mate, will make the job quicker & more effective!

In the membership we walk you thru
how to use & implement all of these products & tools

Value of kit is $65.00+

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