Understanding the “oral-systemic” link from a medical doctor’s perspective

Have you stopped to take a look at the health of society lately? I struggle to see how many lives are affected by disease. Given the current statistics of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis alone, it’s hard to think that nearly every person isn’t directly affected by someone who struggles with controlling these diseases.

If you look at current trends, each and every one of us are bound to either personally suffer with some sort of chronic disease, or at least know someone first hand who suffers. What if you didn’t have to watch your loved ones slip into not knowing who they were or where they are? Alzheimer’s disease is increasing in both severity and numbers

But what if there were a common link to each and every one of these diseases, and by first treating this common link you could dramatically reduce the likelihood that you too will suffer with these debilitating and life shortening diseases….

What if the bacteria in your mouth dictated whether your body was healthy or not,

would you want to know more about it? And, what if by balancing the good and bad bacteria in your mouth you were also able to control a huge part of your health, would you want to know more about that too?

As science and wellness evolve, we continue to learn more about the relationship between the health of our mouths and the health of the rest of our bodies and what happens when the bacteria in our mouths is balanced, and what happens when it is not. Listen in on the interview with Dr. Charles Whitney, a dual certified doctor (Family Medicine and Sports Medicine) who owns and operates Revolutionary Health Services. A medical practice in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.

Finally, a medical doctor who makes this all easy to understand

In this interview, Dr. Whitney takes the time to explain why the relationship between the mouth is so connected to the rest of the body, and how he came to really understand what the big issue in healthcare was, and what he did to change it in his practice. This is the oral systemic link, and over the next few years you will see this information transform how we look at disease prevention and treatment.

In a world of ever changing healthcare, it’s important to know how your body works

Dr Whitney’s passion for helping you take control of your health comes through not only in his practice, but also the information he helps arm the general population. His website is full of useful information that you can take to your doctor and dentist to start the conversation of wellness.

Don’t be surprised if it takes a few times of talking to your healthcare providers before they take you seriously; this information is ground breaking. If you want to know more about a dentist who feels the same passion for dental health, please check out our interview with Dr. Chris Kammer DDS and hear what he has to say about the oral systemic link, and how he teaches dentists how to identify and treat the issues as well.

A link to help you talk to your doctor or dentist

Below are a list of links that you can visit to learn how to begin discussion with your health care providers and how to learn how to balance the good and bad bacteria. One of he

http://www.revolutionaryhealthservices.com/pages/info-for-health-professionals.php The bottom of the page has PDF’s that you can print and take to your dentist and doctors.

Practical tips to help you clean your mouth and balance bacteria

In Dr. Whitney’s interview he stresses the importance of maintaining balance between the good and bad bacteria in the mouth. This online course teaches you how to take care of your mouth in a way that helps close the door to infection. Visit Oral Health Coaching and sign up for the 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth program. Natural Gumption’s premium online oral health coaching program that helps you learn how to be effective with your home care techniques.